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“Going to see Spencer and Andrew was the best choice I’ve ever made. I was hesitant getting braces at age 21, but they made me feel super comfortable and always take the best care of me. I have seen extreme changes in my smile and have gained more confidence. It’s never too late, so do what’s best for you and let them take care of you!” — Yasmine R.

Dr. Spencer is always concerned about speed of treatment so that the girls aren’t in braces any longer than they need to be. She also genuinely cares about their comfort level. I can’t tell you how many times she has called a day or two after a visit to see if any wires are poking out or need adjustments. Sometimes I think she is more concerned about my daughter’s orthodontic treatment than I am! And Dr. Andrew is very intent on making sure treatment is accurate and appropriate. He has a warm way about him, while maintaining professionalism. I can tell he is a student of orthodontia, as at many visits he shares what he has read in recent journals. Knowing he is abreast of the latest advancements gives me great confidence in his skills. The two doctors are quite the dynamic duo! We are blessed to have them caring for our children!” — Julie W.

“Our experience with Dr. Mack has been beyond expectations. She is a thorough professional, with the patients’ best interest in mind. When it comes to my child’s care and well-being, I am a difficult person to please. But from day 1 of the two-year braces plan, Dr. Mack has shown nothing but a caring and professional attitude. She would answer any of our concerns/questions, even on the weekends. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and trustworthy. We were really pleased with our overall experience with her and would highly recommend her to family and friends ... THANK YOU, DR. MACK for bringing a smile on our face!!” — Tanvi G.

Dr. Mack and Dr. Hansen are two of the most professional and knowledgeable people I know. They are always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best possible service to their patients with the latest in orthodontics, and none of those outdated techniques some orthodontists like to use. The office is state of the art and very conveniently located. I recommend Mack & Hansen Orthodontics to everyone I come across and wouldn’t dare go anywhere else!” — Eli C.

Dr. Mack and Dr. Hansen are both extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They have a great facility, location, and even offer extended hours to accommodate for their patients’ schedules. It’s abundantly clear that they really care for their patients - definitely recommend!” — Jon R.

Dr. Mack is amazing! She was my daughter’s orthodontist in Houston and we absolutely loved her! Wish she was here for my son!” — Misty W.

“Two wonderful people with even bigger hearts! So talented at what they do! Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!!” — Melissa S.

“I am very pleased that I saw Dr. Hansen for my Invisalign, who addressed all my concerns. From day 1 he explained the treatment course, showed me the progress and the final stage on the computer! Getting used to the Invisalign trays was very easy and I am glad Dr. Hansen offered it to me.” — Fahad A.

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