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Orthodontist Open After School

Orthodontist Open After School

As you would expect, one of the most popular and sought-after appointment times at the orthodontist is after school. Here at Mack and Hansen Orthodontics we understand this and that is why we offer more after school appointments with our extend evening hours. On Tuesday and Thursdays we are open until 6 pm and as such offer many after school appointment options. We offer new patient consultations after school as well as regular orthodontic adjustment visits and appointments to get braces on after school as well!

If you would like an after-school appointment for your braces or invisalign adjustment/visit, please mention that to our scheduling coordinator when you call in for an appointment, or when you are scheduling your next visit with one of our clinical assistants.

Trivia Tuesday:

It’s Trivia Tuesday ??? Headgear Edition

1️⃣ If your 7 or 8 year old has an underbite, what type of headgear could help correct their bite? (Yes, there are different types of headgear): Cervical Pull Headgear or a Reverse-Pull Headgear (Facemask)?
2️⃣How many hours a day should a child wear their Headgear? 6-8 or 12-14?
3️⃣How long would early treatment with a “headgear”typically be for a child? 6-8 months? 12-14 months?

Let us know your answers!! ?


Trivia Tuesday: Primary (Baby) Teeth and Dental Development Edition.

We have some tough questions this week so let us know your answers and any questions you may have!!?
1️⃣If your child’s primary teeth don’t have spaces between them, does that mean they will have enough room for their adult teeth or that they will likely have crowding when they get their adult teeth??
2️⃣At the age of 9, how many adult teeth (on average) will a child have? 8 or 12 ?
3️⃣ Your child has an adult tooth right next to a baby tooth. Which one is typically going to be whiter? Adult tooth or primary tooth??


Trivia Tuesday: Rubber Bands Edition

1️⃣Can you wear rubber bands with Invisalign?? Yes or No?
2️⃣Can wearing my rubber bands as instructed by my orthodontist help me finish treatment on time⏰and even early? ?? Yes or No?
3️⃣ What is a typical force? amount of the rubber bands we give you to wear during treatment? 4-8 oz. or 12-16 oz.?

What patients are saying

“My daughter was very insecure about her teeth. She went from insecure to non-stop smiling in just a few months! For me that was just amazing! We love Mack & Hansen’s welcoming environment and their staff...always smiling, very helpful, energetic, and the most friendly in/out of the office. We Thank You All! I am FOREVER grateful for 'HER' smile!” ~ Sophia H. of Longview “My child actually looks forward to her orthodontist appointments!! The staff is always so friendly and it’s a positive, uplifting environment.” ~ Kara H. of Hallsville “I love the efficiency of Mack & Hansen Orthodontics. They have thought of everything when it comes to making a great customer impact. Not only are they skilled at making beautiful smiles, but they care about their patients. They are welcoming, up-to-date on technology, and really have hit the nail on great customer service! I would recommend them to anyone!” ~ Anita N. of Henderson “They have the absolute sweetest people working here! Every team member interacts with each patient. They show so much care for everyone and make you feel like family! I am so glad my braces experience has been with Mack & Hansen Orthodontics!” ~ Bonnie C. of Mount Pleasant “I love Mack & Hansen! Getting braces as an adult can be nerve racking, but this office has made my experience very comfortable! They offer great payment plans too. If you need anything they are very prompt with getting you seen or answering questions. Also, the new office is incredible and has an amazing mural painted outside.” ~ Alex M. of Kilgore “Absolutely the BEST orthodontists and office staff in town!  Always making sure we are taken care of and helping us on our smile journey!  Not to mention FUN!  Their ability to have fun makes it so much more enjoyable for their patients!” ~ Melissa H. of Marshall