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Back to School Lunch Ideas That Are Braces Friendly and Orthodontist Approved

Packing a lunch for your children that is braces friendly can sometimes be a challenge. We put this list together to help you pack braces friendly foods for your child. We recommend putting in snacks that your children think are yummy, but at the same time healthy and braces friendly. Here are some of the best options to consider this school year in Longview that are Orthodontist Approved...

Yogurt or Pudding
Yogurt is usually a healthier option than pudding, but both are braces friendly. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics that can help keep gums, mouths, and stomachs healthy. Orthodontist's love this food for patient's!

Whole Grain Pita and Hummus
Instead of packing buttery popcorn, which is a big NO with braces, add whole grain pita or chopped up vegetables with hummus instead. Popcorn can damage your children’s teeth, with or without braces, and can even lead to tooth decay.

String Cheese
Cheese is great for your child’s teeth and definitely a braces friendly food. The calcium boosts their enamel, which makes their mouth stronger.

Fresh Fruit
Fruit cups and dried fruit snacks contain high amounts of sugar that if not brushed off of teeth will lead to decay and cavities. Fresh fruit like apples, pears, and watermelon have lots of water which helps wash away the sugar.

Flavored Water
Fruit Juice is something that you will want to try and avoid due to its high sugar content. Natural flavored, sugar-free water is a great alternative.

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