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Braces in Longview TX: Tips and Tricks

Are you in the middle of your orthodontic treatment? Getting close to the end? Regardless of the stage of treatment you are in, we put this list of tips together to help you through your journey. Here’s are some of our best tips and tricks!

  1. Water picks are GAME-CHANGERS. We recommend anyone who struggles with flossing to get one of these to help with maintaining their oral health during treatment.
  2. Have a handy mirror or mirror app. Food can get stuck in your teeth regardless of if you have braces on or not. Having a handy mirror or an app on your phone can make it easy for you to check for anything that might have been left behind after a meal.
  3. Using a tweezer can help fix wires. In the beginning of treatment when lighter wires are used sometimes they can slipi out of a back bracket. Using a tweezer to place the wire back into the orthodontic bracket can save you a trip to our Longivew orthodontic office. This can be especially convenient if you are traveling to us from Gilmer, Carthage, Marshall, or Kilgore.
  4. Eat and drink things that won’t stain your teeth. Just because a food is healthy, like a strawberry or raspberry, doesn’t mean it can’t stain your teeth or get stuck in your braces. Avoid highly acidic drinks and sugary sodas as well.
  5. Warm salt water rinses. If you experience soreness on any of your lips or cheeks after getting braces on, rinsing with warm salt water can help decrease and heal up any open sores in your mouth.

If you have any additional questions about Mack and Hansen Orthodontics or want to discover how Dr. Spencer Mack and Dr. Andrew Hansen can help you gain straighter teeth and a healthier smile with braces or Invisalign please contact us today! You can also visit to learn more about our orthodontists and request a complimentary consult, or you can call us at 903-212-7737. We’re conveniently located in Longview, TX and are just a quick drive from Marshall, Carthage, Henderson, Kilgore, and Gilmer.

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