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Radiance™ Brackets

Ceramic Orthodontic Braces - your “clear” choice for comfortable, confident smiles, even while wearing braces!

Are you worried about getting braces as an adult and having to deal with a mouth full of metal orthodontic brackets that everybody will notice when you smile?

Here at Mack and Hansen Orthodontics, located in Longview, Texas, we offer orthodontic braces that are clear.  While everybody notices your beautiful, new smile, your braces will be your little secret!

Our clear braces work just as well as our modern metal braces and are great for patients of all ages. Whether you are an adult looking for braces for yourself or you are interested in them for your teenager, these orthodontic braces give you a clear and comfortable alternative to our modern metal braces.

What are Clear (Ceramic) Braces?

Clear braces are specially made of ceramic. Once the braces are made, they are polished until they are smooth and ready to wear!

Ceramic brackets are:

  • Esthetic - unlike other braces on the market, ceramic braces blend right in with your teeth! You'll feel confident smiling even during your orthodontic treatment - and after of course!
  • Comfortable - Ceramic braces are so smooth, you won't need to worry about the edges irritating your mouth like some types of metal braces can.
  • Stain-Free - Your ceramic braces are stain-free! The highly polished surface of the braces works as a barrier to protect your teeth from staining and discoloration throughout your entire treatment, so that your smile stays bright from start to finish.
  • Strong and Effective - Ceramic braces are designed to be the strongest brackets available. They are treated with heat until smooth to ensure a solid orthodontic bracket that is remarkably strong, and resistant to fracture or breakage.
  • Affordable - Our ceramic braces are just as affordable as metal braces!

Why should I choose Clear Braces for my orthodontic treatment?

There are many reasons why you should consider clear braces for your orthodontic braces treatment:

  • You want a straighter, healthier smile, but you simply don't want to have the same metal braces that some of your friends may have or have had.
  • If you are an adult looking for a stylish option of braces, our affordable clear braces give our patients the abilty to have their braces blend into their teeth. On the other hand, you also have the option to choose a color for your clear braces and really accessorize with your teeth!
  • Ceramic braces give you the highest level of comfort. Traditional metal braces can sometimes cause minor discomfort to the patient, but clear braces are extremely smooth, making them more comfortable and less likely to cause irritation.
  • You don't have to wait until your treatment is complete to share your beautiful smile! With the clear braces we have here at Mack and Hansen Orthodontics, you can smile with confidence throughout your entire treatment.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation at our office in Longview (just a short drive from Marshall, Kilgore, and Carthage) you can do so here or you can call our office at 903-212-7737. Have a wonderful day!

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