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Orthodontist in Longview Tx that accept Medicaid

Orthodontist in Longview Tx that accept Medicaid

A lot of people have questions about Medicaid and whether or not it covers orthodontic treatment. Well, we are here to help clear that up and answer your questions and the most common question: Does Medicaid cover braces?

While Medicaid does cover most dental treatment for children, it does not cover all treatment. Orthodontic treatment is considered to be different than dental treatment in regard to coverage by both Medicaid and by private insurance companies. In years past, here in the state of Texas, Medicaid was much more accepting of orthodontic cases. Unfortunately, some of the larger dental chains and orthodontic chains were taking unethical advantage of this and since then, Medicaid in the state of Texas has, for the most part, not covered orthodontic treatment. Even in the most severe malocclusions where patients are missing a number of teeth or have a cleft lip and/or cleft palate, treatment is still not being approved.

Here at Mack and Hansen Orthodontics we take this all in to consideration and as such do our absolute best to ensure everyone, regardless of if you have insurance, Medicaid, or neither, are able to afford braces with us. We are committed to offering affordable orthodontic treatment, low down payments for braces and invisalign, low monthly payment plans for braces and invisalign, and offer zero interest financing. Should you have orthodontic coverage with an insurance company, we are also in-network providers with the major insurance plans in town. What this means for you is that you get an even greater discount on braces and invisalign with us making orthodontic treatment even more affordable

In summary, while you may be searching for a Medicaid orthodontist in here Longview, Marshall, Tyler, or elsewhere in East Texas, there is no orthodontist who is able to “take Medicaid” since Medicaid, for the most part, does not cover orthodontic treatment anymore in the state of Texas. Again, that is why we are committed to making treatment affordable for everyone and offer payment plans for braces that do not put a strain on your family’s wallet. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation for braces or invisalign, please reach out to our office and one of our fantastic orthodontic team members will be able to get you scheduled.

If you have any additional questions about Mack and Hansen Orthodontics or want to discover how Dr. Spencer Mack and Dr. Andrew Hansen can help you gain straighter teeth and a healthier smile with braces or Invisalign please contact us today! You can also visit to learn more about our affordable braces and invisalign clear aligners. We’re conveniently located in Longview, TX right by Longview Regional Hospital and are just a quick drive from Marshall, Carthage, Henderson, Mount Pleasant, and Gilmer.

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