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When is the best time to come in for braces?

A lot of people wonder when is the best time to visit the orthodontist here in Longview, Texas. Well, the answer to that question will depend on a number of things, so let us break it down a little bit for you...

The beginning of the year is a great time to come in if you have received new orthodontic insurance or new orthodontic insurance benefits. Because we are an in network orthodontic provider here in East Texas, having new insurance or getting an orthodontic benefit on your insurance plan can mean a big difference in terms of the cost of treatment. Our patients love that we are in network with their insurance plan so if you have Delta Dental or Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna or MetLife, or another dental or orthodontic insurance, rest assured we are your in-network orthodontic provider.

Spring is also a great time to come in for braces for your child, especially because there are some times when school is closed in the spring, such as during spring break, which make it easy to get in for your orthodontic appointment without having to take your child out of school.

For this reason the summer is obviously a popular time to come in for an orthodontic evaluation or consultation. Despite school being out for summer across East Texas we are still open 5 days a week and offer later orthodontic appointments on Monday and Wednesdays. This means there is plenty of openings for you or our children to come in for their orthodontic visits and the best part is there is no school they will have to miss.

There are also some pros to coming to the orthodontist office or starting orthodontic treatment, whether that is with braces or invisalign, during the end of the year. If you have a flexible spending account through your employer or a health savings account where your benefits expire at the end of the year, those benefits or funds can be used for orthodontic treatment!! This is great news and if you have questions using your FSA or HSA funds, just ask one of our team members next time you are in our office.

If you have any additional questions about Mack and Hansen Orthodontics or want to discover how Dr. Spencer Mack and Dr. Andrew Hansen can help you gain straighter teeth and a healthier smile with braces or Invisalign please contact us today!

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